You push and you work hard, you stay positive and eventually all the stars sort of align.





…you’re lucky I’m a stubborn asshole because these took way longer to make than I’d like to admit.

holy fucking shit

I scrolled past this before realizing what this is and I just… woah

Title: Where No One Goes
Artist: Jónsi
Played: 80001 times



Jónsi- Where No One Goes

Music from How To Train Your Dragon 2

allright here


#THIS IS WEIRD BECAUSE I WAS LITERALLY JUST THINKING ABOUT JACK AND HIS ROCKIN DEVELOPMENT #his development was my favorite #i mean it was basically what the show was #the show was about letting go and about pursuing your destiny and the major conflict was that no one knew how #ESPECIALLY jack #jack was probably the biggest skeptic out of all of them #and the biggest skeptic ends up being the one who literally sacrifices himself to save the island #ALL BECAUSE HE FELT LIKE IT WAS HIS DESTINY #LIKE IT WAS WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO #jack let go of everything #he let go of his constant need to fix things #in the final scene script it says ‘he has found love and found a way to love himself’and i think thats an amazing way to look at jack #he constantly thought of himself as a failure if he wasnt able to fix something #but in the end he lets go of that because he found his purpose and hes certain of what that is #and in the midst of pain and death he SMILES #why?? #BECAUSE HE SEES THE PLANE THAT KATE AND SAWYER AND CLAIRE ARE ON #AND HES SMILING BECAUSE THAT WAS REALLY THE ONLY THING HE EVER WANTED TO FIX #HE WANTED TO GET THOSE PEOPLE HOME #AND HE DID IT #HES THE ONE WHO STOPPED THE ISLAND FROM SELF DESTRUCTION #AND HES THE ONE WHO SAVED THEM #AND HE MAY NOT BE ON THAT PLANE BUT HE DOESNT CARE #BECAUSE HE KNEW HIS PURPOSE WASNT IN LA OR ANYWHERE BUT THAT ISLAND #AND EVERYTHING IS CONTENT #GOD I LOVE JACK


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Lorde at the Mann Center in Philadelphia, 9/5/14 the first night of her North American Tour.